Artwork Guidelines

In order to get the best quality screen  printing it must start with high quality artwork.  Our in house art department can work with your own digital art, or create a new design for your needs.

Emailing Your Artwork
You can send your digital files to  Our art department will review the attachments and discuss any art needs at that time.

Requirements for Camera Ready Art
The digital file MUST be vector or at least 300dpi and to scale for print.  The artwork will be printed as-is, unless artwork is being changed or recreated by our art department.

File Types
There are two types of digital art files: bitmap and vector.
Bitmap: This file type is composed of pixels.  Common file extensions for bitmap images are .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff.  These file types are NOT RECOMMENDED for camera ready artwork.
Vector: This file type is RECOMMENDED for camera ready artwork.  Vector images are usually sent as .eps, .ai, and .pdf.

Note: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are not digital imaging programs.  Any files sent in these formats will have to be recreated.